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Rishi Mathur Comedy Website Redesign
Rishi had used another agency to build his previous website and he wasn't happy with the results. It didn't portray the brand he was after. He wanted to come across as full-of-personality, in-your-face and exclusive. His first website just didn't have that look & feel.

In addition to updated branding, Rishi also wanted to use different types of media (such as images and videos) to help portray his personality. It was also important for the website browsing experience to feel more like a story or hero's journey.

Rishi needed to streamline the booking process and make it easier for people to get in touch with him and book him for standup gigs.
Original Website Homepage
Here is a snapshot of what Rishi's previous website looked like. There wasn't much explanation, the images were distorted, and there were no links or calls-to-action to help guide the visitor.
Before: homepage
rishi mathur before homepage
Original About Page
In Rishi's original website, all of the good content was hidden in the about page. Much of this comedic material was certainly glossed over by the website visitor - people don't tend to read large areas of text.

This is where I got the content for the home page. I broke everything down into more bite-sized, digestible jokes.
Before: about
rishi mathur portfolio before about
Redesigned Website Homepage
I went with a dark theme to portray exclusivity. Rishi had mentioned he was into The Joker & comic books when he was younger, and I thought that would be interesting to use as his comedic brand personality. So I used theme colors from various versions of the Joker along with images similar to what you would find in a comic book.

I also took the content from the about page to use instead on the homepage, which I thought worked much better in smaller, broken down pieces of information. I also did my best to include as many visuals as possible to help website visitors digest the information as easily as possible.
After: homepage
rishi mathur portfolio - after homepage
Redesigned About Page
I made the new about page a continuation of the jokes from the home page, but I kept it short & sweet.
After: about
rishi mathur portfolio - after about
Shows Page
Rishi wanted a place where he could display the shows he was in, so his fans would easily be able to find his schedule. The challenge here was the fact that not all shows are advertised the same way. Some gigs have ticketmaster pages where you can purchase tickets online. Other shows have a flyer someone posted on Facebook with no website at all.

I made sure my design covered all cases and would display all the necessary information in case there wasn't a website with more information to link to.
After: shows
rishi mathur portfolio - after shows
Media Page
Rishi wanted a place to show more snippets of his personality. He has videos of himself doing standup, youtube videos he wanted to share, and articles that feature him as a comedian. This is a page that displays all of this information in a clear, visual way for the website visitor.
After: media
rishi mathur portfolio - after media
Bookings Page
This page was very crucial to the website redesign - the main goal of the website is for people to ultimately reach out and book Rishi.

I considered using a booking or scheduling platform here, but there were just too many factors. Rishi regularly performs in the NYC area, but is willing to travel for the right opportunity. So instead of going with an automatic booking platform, I decided to use a dynamic form that would be inclusive to all types of people that would be interested in Rishi's services.
After: bookings
rishi mathur portfolio - after bookings
Rishi is very happy with his website redesign, and felt like I was able to really portray the personality and look & feel he was going for. It was a challenge to not come across as too childish with the superhero theme, but I think I was able to find the right balance of personality and exclusivity. I continue to work with Rishi on a monthly basis and assist him with website maintenance, content updates, and summarize monthly website performance & traffic.

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Meredith is the best! I can’t put into words how amazing she is. I’ve been struggling to build my site for a year and a half, I couldn’t think of how to put the design together. After a year of just pulling my hair out and trying to figure out what this site could be, an angel sent Meredith to me.

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