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UX/UI design
Front-end development (HTML/CSS/JS)
Custom Wordpress theme (PHP)
Hosting & Domain setup
Alice Dubin Media Wordpress Web Design
The Project
Alice Dubin is a professional journalist and content marketing writer. She’s written for major publications such as Bravo TV, Business Insider, Good Housekeeping, Parents Magazine and many more. As a freelance journalist, much of her work was scattered around across many different websites. She needed a good website to showcase all of her work in one place.
Organization is Key
As Alice had work in both the journalism space as well as the content marketing space, it was important to come up with a solutions for users to easily flip through her work.
Main Portfolio Page
Alice Dubin Media - Web Design Case Study - Main Portfolio Page
Viewable by Category
In addition to work being divided into journalism verses content marketing, she also needed her articles to be divided according to the topic.

 A prospective client may just be interested in a specific subject matter, or they might be interested in viewing all of Alice’s work. We needed to make it easy for whichever type of user may be visiting her website.
Journalism Page
Alice Dubin Media - Web Design Case Study - Journalism Portfolio
Brand Recognition
One of the most important things to Alice’s prospective clients is brand recognition of her past work. If she could easily show the companies she’s worked with in the past, that would give her instant credibility.
Client Collage on Homepage
The website was a success, and I’ve continued to work with Alice on new features for her website. She reported a significant increase in new business after the launch of her website.

Words from Alice Dubin Media

I am really thrilled with the result (and so relieved I didn’t try to do this myself without her expertise).

Working with Meredith truly exceeded my expectations: She was speedy, creative, responsive, and her work is just top quality. I feel that my website represents exactly what I hoped to achieve; Meredith really took the time to understand what I was trying to do, and came up with smart, great-looking ways to execute. And I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone!

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